Reach RTK to USB on Computer

I need to use the Reach RTK kit to feed into a software program on my computer, but i cannot find a driver to allow this to work. Any ideas?

Since you didn’t volunteer what operating system you are using, then I am going to assume you are a Windows user. :wink: Check out RNDIS. You can also use keyphrase “Ethernet over USB.”

When you set it up, make sure to give it an address that is in the 192.168.2.xx/24 subnet, but don’t use because that is the IP that Reach gives itself, and it is also the one you will enter in your web browser to access ReachView once you get RNDIS working.

Yes im a windows user will it not work the same?

I did assume that @craign was a Windows user, but I am not. So I could only give him a general idea of how to do it instead of explicit instructions.

@craign: I should have mentioned that there are two ways to get your data from the USB port on Reach:

  • You can just get serial data (like position information) by treating the USB connection like a COM port.
  • Or you can get ReachView and any data by treating it like a network connection (as I mentioned above).

Reach should create a COM port on your PC. You can output solution there with serial USB-to-PC option in the position output tab in ReachView.

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