Reach rtk setup ideas

Hey all,
I am a licensed land surveyor in perth western australia. I am very excited awaiting the arrival of my reach rtk package. I am planning on exploring the capabilities of the system in land surveying, specifically in building setouts, sewerline pickups and mark recovery. As a registered surveyor i have access to existing control points previously established to high accuracy across the state. I was planning on setting my base station at these known coordinates and using my rover to calculate relative position from the base. My baseline could be over 10kms at times. Ideally i would like to run the rover on a usb power bank and output the reciever position through my android phone using the rtk plus app. The base station and rover could communicate through wifi hotspot from my phone and or pc. Has anyone got an suggestions on a better way to setup the base station and see any possible pitfalls? Cheers

Welcome, Hedges!

Sound like a great application. There is no hard limit on the distance, but fix time will be longer. One of our partners is running Reach at 100km baseline and getting pretty good solutions in static. USB power bank will work just fine. For the output to Android, check out our docs. Communication through the internet might a little bit challenging, unless you get static IPs. I would suggest looking into setting up your own NTRIP caster.

We will be glad to hear more about your work and how Reach will perform for you.

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Hi Igor,
could you tell em who this is, and how he is doing it ?
(using any ionosphere correction?)

Ho Johannes,

He is getting .sp3 iono corrections from NTRIP. I will ask him to post more about his setup here.

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Hi Igor,
any updates on this? Could you bring us in contact with your client who uses this long baselines?
We have to set up soem base station locations and need to cover quite long baselines…