Reach RTK radio options

What RTK radio link options are out there? I want to go 2 - 4 km and prefer the 450 -470 MHz band. I would also consider 900 MHz.

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The Reach apparently can use these radios from 3DR:

In fact they recommend them in the Wiki. We plan on using the RFD900+ from RFDesign ( but they are more expensive and have greater range than what you are looking for.

The 3DR ones are 915 or 433 MHz and are super easy to configure. The RDF900+ are 915MHz but are really really good but they pull a lot of power as they are 1Watt.


Thanks for the reply!
The RF designs radios are made right here in Queensland which is nice!
I need penetration through trees and around buildings, so I am searching for a 450mHz option that is higher wattage than the 3D ones.
Anyone know of anything else?

@AJB, Is you build a rover or a multicopter? If you use 450mhz for telemetry or reach, what frequency will you use for standard control?

We are ground based vehicles.
We are working around tree and embankments with a 2-4 km range.
We do have some 900 meg coms already on board which are not critical to have constant coms, so happy to use 900 meg range there.
But for the RTK constant coms are essential.
Surveyers and professional grade users use Pacific Crest or Satern radios but they cost thousands.
I’m trying to find a low cost alternative in the 450 band with a higher wattage output than the 3DR radios.

Also, we don’t have coms for standard control. Our vehicle is autonomous so once a plan is uploaded (via 900 meg link) we don’t need constant contact.

ah, ok yeah if you are on the ground then manual control is not necessary. I was thinking flying vehicles :smile:

Maybe look in the direction of adding an amp to the radio/modem you are using now…