Reach rtk questions

Hi, i need help i want make uav with REACH RTK KIT system (to geologic mapping in complicate place with canyon and mountain) with Sony WX 18.1 MP ( and others like thermal and multispectral to volcano, go pro focus maybe dont take good photos??? another question)but is very expensive for example ebee, maybe if with fx buffalo or skywalker x8 and REACH RTK KIT .

in some page i found

"How does it work
To achieve centimeter level accuracy two GPS units are used with one of them being stationary (base) and another one moving (rover). Base unit streams correction to the rover over radio or 3G.
It’s simple - all you need is to setup Reach to receive corrections from a base station:

  1. Use a pair of Reach modules connected by radio modem, wi-fi or over the internet. One would act as a rover, while the other one would be your own base station. "

connection :
pc+stationary reach rtk+software(navigation)+radio modem>>>>>>>uav+gps moving (rover)+camera…etc
its ok???
signal radio???frecuency???max distance??? and a lot more things that i dont know
can help me with more specific information , Thank you very much in advance for your answer