Reach RTK+pixhawk Rover gps problem

My Drone and PC Configuration.

I Think Base is correct.

Because the data is coming in ‘Gps Inject of Missionplanner’ .

Like this.

However, Rover seems to be a problem.

I connected the DF13(GND | GPIO46 | GPIO77 | TX | RX | 5V) of RTK and serial4/5 of pixhawk.

And RTK(Rover) setting.

I have some problem.

  1. GPS stats of Missionplanner is 0.

  2. When I connect to RTK on drones.
    I can not be accessed Rover in setting mode.

But, disconnect to RTK on drones.
It is accessible setting mode if I use only Micro5pin to usb cable.

Do you have any solution?