Reach RTK on Navio+

I’m very excited to have received my Reach Kit today. (2x reach module)

Perhaps naively so, I had assumed it would be compatible with Navio+. However, I can’t find any documentation in the “Docs” section.

Can someone explain to me how I would use the Reach “Rover” module on Navio+?


Full Reach integration with APM is currently a work in progress.

Right now, you can use Reach for drone positioning by configuring solution output. For example, you can connect Reach to Navio via UART and configure solution output to UART in NMEA format. You will, however, need to handle base correction delivery separately. Our goal is to make base corrections available through the ground control station, but that requires testing. Stay tuned.

We are sorry about the missing info in the Docs, they are being updated regularly.

I wonder how the progress is being made I would like to use reach day at for geotagging camera pixels for accurate referencing

Yes, same here.

I would very much like to know the progress on Navio+ integration.

Latest progress update here: