Reach RTK module base setup


Do I need to place reach RTK module (as base) in leveled or flat place? Manual only note about antenna placement. I notice this is a XYZ axis on reach RTK module. Is reach RTK module (as base) need to be placed toward specific direction and in leveled place? Or only antenna placement matters?

thank you very much

The antenna should be placed leveled. The unit it self can be it what direction you see fit unless you wanna take avantage of the IMU later on. Right now i dont think it uses the IMU and i dont know if the unit must be placed in a certain direction.

Take a look at this docs entry:

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@TB_RTK I got it. Thank you very much

@dmitriy.ershov I have read that docs. I know I need to keep antenna leveled. The docs did not say anything about reach rtk unit placement

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