Reach RTK Kit being replaced by Reach M+

A few months ago I was going to buy the Reach RTK Kit which used the same PCB board for both the Rover and Base station. I am now revisiting this project, and see that it’s upgraded version, the Reach M+, has taken its place. I am wondering if it is still possible to use the Reach M+ as both the Rover and the Base Station to get centimeter accuracy for my raspberry pi controlled robot, as the Reach RTK Kit would have.

Any help is appreciated!

Yes, of course. The Reach M+ functions the same as the original Reach module, but better!

The name “Reach RTK Kit” was not meant to infer any special ability over the normal Reach modules, it just referred to a bundle of 2 normal Reach modules with 2 antennas.

Now, with more people using Reach RS(+) for the base station, that kit appears to have been superseded by the Reach UAV Mapping Kit. And if you are looking for lowest cost, you could still buy two Reach M+ and two antennas.

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The “+” units are meant as an upgraded replacement to Reach and Reach RS, so no need to worry.

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