Reach RTK Kit 2-chip set running in realtime, poor accuracy results


So I’ve been working on a real time feed interpreter using Unity and scripting in C#. Essentially it recognizes the LLH feed over TCP and processes the UTM coordinate conversions in real time. I’m having some issues with the accuracies. The system is usually spitting out elevations within the 1-4m accuracy area, and after seeing that I haven’t even bothered transiting over my laid out control to check horizontal.

I’m assuming this is because it’s not post-processed? Or is the chip supposed to be running at the centimeter level and I’m doing something wrong?

Would having the Reach RS base improve the results?

I’ve also tried setting the base to both static & kinematic, and continuous & lock-and-hold. Every combination doesn’t improve the situation so far. I have blue skies, too. I’m also using a manual fixed point surveyed with construction grade instruments and Canada’s PPP system.

My bad. I had a faulty conversion from CSRS. Derp.