REACH RTK Integration with APM 2.6

Hi all,

I would like to check the feasibility of integrating Reach RTK with APM 2.6 platform on my RC plane or Quadcopter.

I have saw the documentation on APM Integration for the PIXHAWK and RTK.

However, I understand that PIXHAWK is a newer edition of APM. What I have now is APM 2.6, which have different output pins layout?
I am interested in improving the GPS and Altitude positioning of my RC plane and Quadcopter which have the APM 2.6 using RTK.

Would like to check with anyone on the forum, do you have any experience / issues / problems integrating RTK with APM 2.6, before I make my final decision to purchase the Reach RTK Kit for my planes.

Thank you.

Hi Zack,

APM does not support new features of ArduPilot code, that are only delivered to more modern hardware such as Pixhawk or Navio.

Here is related PR in case you would like to back-port support.

In case you are integrating for geotagging purpose there is no need to connect Reach to the autopilot, just to the camera.

so if I install reach to the camera how the camera will be tiggered or the coordinates related to each photo?