Reach RTK Camera Trigger

Is Reach RTK capable to trigger a Sony A6000 via the multi usb? If so what is there any cable connection diagram?

Nop, it can’t trigger the camera, it is the other way around. The camera needs to trigger the M+, usually through the hot shoe.

Hi and thanks for the reply. Am referring to the Reach module not the M+. If it triggers the camera via tha ReachView in regular time intervals. Am aware about the triggering events logs via the hotshoe.

Sorry, meant Emlid GNSS devices. None of them have this capability, as it usually done much better by the flight controls or other external devices with knowledge of the flight plan or the waypoints in general.

Ok Christian thanks.

Hi Gregoris,

Reach RTK is able to trigger camera at regular time intervals using the PWM pin. Check the pinout for more details. You can configure the PWM output in the Camera Control tab of ReachView.

However, as Christian mentioned above, it’s better to trigger the camera from the flight controller as it provides more advanced triggering options.

As for connection from the camera side, we can’t be of much help with this question. It’s better to reach out to the camera’s manufacturer to figure out how it can be done.


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