Reach RTK as rover for precise farming

Dear Emlid Community,

I am using two Reach RTK modules, one as base and one as rover on a tractor.

RTK correction over TCP works fine,(had struggels with the Wifi connection wih vers 2.6.x), hope this will be solved with 2.10.x, not tested yet), i get an FIX in about 2 minutes.

As tractor guidance tool i use “Cerea” and all works fine.

BUT for accurate steering Cerea prefers 10Hz output data stream from Reach.
With Glonass message sent, reach is only able to send 5Hz. I only get 5-7 good GPS and Galileo sats, and i think these would be a little bit to poor for exact and stable rtk calculation.

Is there any option to test with Glonass on at 8 or 10Hz or may this “overheat” the M8T

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There is no way to “overheat” the internal receiver. However, it’s capabilities are limited hardware-wise. Even at the rates we provide, it is still operating at a max, so going higher is not an option.

The number of sats you can see seems a little too low, by the way. May there be something wrong with antenna placement or conditions?

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OK thanks,

I´ve heard/read anywhere that there is a limit for operation modes with all gnss systems on.

On my base its no problem with 5Hz. But if i drive with the tractor and rover i get approx 12 to 14 corrected sats, almost the half are Glonass. If i drive near to a forest or a hedge it migth be a problem only with GPS sats on.
By the way i will try autosteering on rover only with GPS and Galileo with 14Hz update rate and test if signal is strong an stable.
Pictures will follow…

These are pictures taken in autum. Reach base and rover, baseline 2km. Cerea Autosteer :slight_smile:

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Beautiful :slight_smile:

I know @Andreas_Ortner is working with cerea. Maybe he can share his setup?

Shure i know. He gave me the tip with reach :grinning: i drove with about 12km/h. Setup isn´t perfect yet, but i will improve. Emlid reach is great :ok_hand::+1:


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