Reach RTCM 2.2?


Reach supported correction formats. They include RTCM 2.3(rtcm2)…

Finnish national free/open correction format is RTCM 2.2 and tada types is 1, 3 ja 31

is working RTCM 2.2??

if it workin i need buy 1



Message types 1 and 3 are supported, but 31 is not. If you could send me access data via PM I could check if corrections work from your provider.


Direct link provider page

page language is finnish, but i think you understand :slight_smile:



The answer is sadly no, but it looks like FinnRef are aware of the issue and will be adding support for messages 18 and 19 required for RTKLIB!

Maybe you can ask them about the expected schedule for this feature?