Reach RS3 _ Red Battery LED Concern

The battery level on one of my RS3 units got down to a single white LED yesterday so plugged it in this afternoon to recharge. Seemed to be charging normally after about 15 minutes so left it alone. After several hours of charging I noticed the only the red battery LED was lit up which would normally indicate a low battery. So, pressed the power button to turn it on and it powered up normally with all white power LEDs lighting up. Turned if off and briefly pressed the power button to check battery status and all white power LEDs lit up again. Plugged it in and all white battery LEDs indicate a near full charge (all were lit with only one flashing).

Does the condition of only the Red low-power LED being lit with the battery being fully charged indicate any potential issue with the unit? When I started using it yesterday it had three white battery LEDs lit but drained down to a single white LED after only four hours of use which seemed to be an unusually fast power drain.

Hi Steve,

Let’s do a full battery cycle test on your Reach RS3. It’ll help us see what is happening on the receiver. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure that your receiver has the latest 31.8 firmware version. If not, please update it by following the steps of this guide.
  2. Leave the unit discharging until it shuts down completely.
  3. Connect your Reach RS3 to a stable power source, such as a wall adapter or a PC. Ensure Reach LEDs indicate charging.
  4. Turn on Reach RS3 and leave it on an overnight charge (at least 9 hours).
  5. Disconnect the charge. Wait until Reach RS3 fully discharges and turns off itself.
  6. Connect the power supply and turn on Reach RS3.
  7. Download a Full System report and send it to me.

Full system report contains sensitive data. To keep the files private, please send them to me at I’ll take a closer look into it.