Reach RS3 GPS & IMU Data


I’m currently looking for a GNSS & IMU package for a application integrated into ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2) and the RS3 seems like the ideal solution.

Does Emlid have any drivers already created that can access the GNSS & IMU data in ROS2 ?

Alternatively are there any documents available for the formatting of this data over the serial or USB interface?

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Hi Matt,

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We don’t provide such drivers.

Does your workflow require getting a position from Reach? If so, Reach can output it via Serial in different formats: LLH, XYZ, ENU, NMEA, and ERB. If your ROS2 navigation supports these formats, it should work fine. We also created a special NMEA message for the tilt data. Here’s our guide.

To stream corrections in Serial, you need to go to Settings > Position streaming.

Thank you for the info.

Just looking at your guide for the NMEA message, what would be maximum update rate for this message?

Would there be any future plans to expose the raw data from the IMU, as this would appeal to several new markets.

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The maximum GNSS update rate is 10 Hz. The frequency of the ETC message is 5 Hz.

Can you tell me more about what raw data you would like to see? It will help me pass the request to our development team.


Sorry for the later reply.

The typical data we look for from an IMU is as follows, this could be at data rates from 20Hz up to 200Hz.


Can you tell me more about your workflow? It will help me to understand why you require such data rates and pass this information on to our development team.

In our NMEA message, we have information about the velocity and speed:

RMC Position, velocity, and time
VTG Course and speed information relative to the ground

Will this information be enough for your desired workflow?

I ported the driver rpng/reach_ros_node from ros1 to ros2. This package takes nmea messages trough TCP and publishes them.

In case they are slow with handling the pullrequest regarding this, you can find my fork here.

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