Reach rs2 won’t create hotspot

I have two RS2 with the same problem. On startup, the blue Wi-Fi led blinks continuously and neither connects to a network nor switches to creating a hotspot.

I flashed v30.1 firmware, and on reboot, a hotspot is created. However if I power down and restart the RS2 it will remain forever in the “scanning for network” mode. I waited 15-20 minutes to see if it would eventually time out.

  • I reflashed and set it up with a network… same result on power down/up.
  • I reflashed and gave it no network. Same.

Any help appreciated to “force” a hotspot

I have the exact same problem after updating to version 30.1 firmware.

Hi Sridhar and Holger,

Thanks for reporting!

Can you please update your receiver’s to 31 Beta 1 to check whether the issue gets resolved? There were some internal fixes introduced for this stack, I believe that may help. Here are the instructions on how you can get the Beta release.

Please let me know if the behavior persists.

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