Reach RS2 with TSC2 data collector

Can the reach rs2 be used with trimble tsc2 data collector?

What input does the data collector require?

If it can accept NMEA stream to it via typically Bluetooth or serial cable. Generally using third party survey software such as FieldGenius, SurvCE etc.


You will be able to connect by Bluetooth no problem. I suppose you could also use the lemo to serial cable with the TSC2.

You will have to have Field-Genius or SurvCE or something else that can read NMEA strings (I don’t think Survey Controller does?).

Hope this helps.


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I have SurvCe 12.5 on the data collector

Hi @lawrencerowe2000,

There should be no issues with such integration. Please keep us posted.

depending on version, you may need to get with the SurvCE developers Carlson Software.

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