Reach RS2 with DJI M300 and P1 Payload-PPK possibility?

I have searched quite a bit and have not found an answer yet to this, so I apologize if it’s already out there.

I’m considering a DJI M300 drone with the P1 45mp camera payload. I really dislike the DJI RTK unit and I’d much rather have PPK anyways since I work in pretty difficult areas (mountain canyons, etc.). I’ve found instructions for linking the M300 and RS2 for NTrip but I often won’t have internet on project sites and again, would prefer PPK.

If I buy an RS2, is it possible to use that as a base to collect PPK and integrate that with the M300/P1? Do I need any additional hardware on the drone? If this is possible, are there any instructions/articles?

Hi Jon,

Yes, the RS2 will collect raw data that can be used for PPK with the M300/P1.

No additional hardware is required but you will benefit from software that will apply the leaver arm/IMU corrections to the data - Suggest looking at Klau or redcatch toolbox for this.

Great thank you! I will have to give this a go then.

Hi Jon,

As far as I know, DJI has a PPK Cloud that allows geotagging images in PPK. We haven’t tested it ourselves, so I can hardly say how smoothly you can get the data. From the Reach RS2 base side, you can record raw data logs in RINEX format.

If your drone’s camera has a hot shoe, you can integrate it with Reach M2. It will allow you to calculate precise image centers without establishing a real-time connection between the base and rover. To learn the detailed workflow, you can explore our PPK mapping with Reach guide.