Reach RS2 will not connect to home wi-fi

Reach RS2, firmware 28.4
iPhone with Emlid Flow app

  1. In phone, Settings/Wi-Fi, I select my Reach RS2
  2. I leave phone Settings
  3. Open Emlid Flow, connect to Reach RS2
  4. I tap Wi-Fi
  5. Under Networks, I choose my saved 2.4GHz Wi-Fi icon
  6. Window pops up for Saved Network
  7. Connect is highlighted blue, I tap Connect
  8. Reach RS2 Wi-Fi flashes blue for a while, then solid white (hotspot mode)

The RS2 will not connect to my home’s Wi-Fi

I go back to Emlid Flow, and it has disconnected from my RS2.

If it’s a stored password problem, I cannot find a way to change it.


Hey Rich,

To force the RS2 to require the password at the connection step, you can click on the Forget button just before step 7. Then click on the network name again, and you will be able to enter the password again here.


Thank you, Florian, I think that worked. But I’ll have to wait until I recharge the battery before I try to update the firmware.


Hi Rich,

Just to make sure: were you able to connect Reach to this network after forgetting it?

Hi Svetlana,

Yes, I was able to get my Reach onto my home Wi-Fi. I’ve never changed that password. I’ve been using the Reach hotspot. Then I found out I needed to update the firmware from 28.4. I’ve done that, and everything should work fine.

Thanks, Rich

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Got you, Rich! If any other difficulties arise, just let me know.