Reach RS2 v2.24.2 Issues with getting a fix

I don t understand why the RS2 ,stands i Float for minutes ,with up to 43 sats in rover and 20 in base NTRIP, waiting for FIX?. Version is 2.24,2. To make a terrain model with that waiting time for FIX is impossible! It was not like this 1.5 year ago!

How long is your baseline?
What are you using for input-correction?

Baseline is SWEPOS netbased corrections! 5 km to Arvika Swepos basestation.

Mointpoint is MSM_GNSS!= RTCM 3.2 MSM4

With 43 sats in rover and 20 base sats, it should be 1 second to RTK!

Can you log 30 mins or more of rover and base correction logs, and post here?

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Can try tomorrow!

Hi Jan-Olov,

I agree with Christian. It’s necessary to see the logs from the rover to analyze why you have issues. It’ll be also great if you could post the photos of the environmental conditions you’re surveying in.

It was both open ground and som points in the forrest! But with 37 sats in rover and 20 in base, one should have FIX all the time and in 1 second when the pole is sat down!

I wonder how many sats are calculated together at the same time and set? Probably not 37 sats together but in several sets! Any from the company who can tell?

Shall the reciever be set to Static or Dynamic?


Your base receiver should be Static. You can use Kinematic for the rover.

Even though the exact number of the satellites in view is important, the quality of their signal and the number that the base and rover see simultaneously are just as, if not more, crucial. That’s why it’s hard to draw any conclusions about the solution calculation from just the number of visible satellites.

Not all of the visible satellites participate in the solution calculation, that’s true. Only the signals from the satellites that both rover and base see at the same time are considered. Also, some of the visible signals may be cut by the SNR and Elevation masks so they won’t contribute to the solution.

To allow us to understand the difficulties you experience, please, share the following files:

  • raw data log, base correction log and position log from the rover
  • raw data log from the base
  • simple reports from both receivers
  • photos of your hardware setup and environmental conditions

This data will show us the observational quality on both receivers, solution status during the survey, how the corrections are transferred and the basic settings of the units.

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I just wanted to correct myself a bit: you can configure your base in Static or Kinematic. This doesn’t make a great difference for the static receivers.

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Rover was set to Static yesterday, Kinematic today with RTK FIX all the time!


Hi Jan-Olov,

It’s great to know you got Fix on your device! If you’re working with moving receivers, please, use the Kinematic mode.


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