Reach rs2 to rtcm3

Hello I’m new to the Emily product

Is it possible to use a Reach RS2 as a bace station and send a RTCM3 signal over the internal modem to a NTRIP caster ?

Thank you in advance

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Unless you are doing something I didn’t pickup on this should help.


I have my own Ntrip caster witch is not Emlid, so I need to get the RTCM3 correction back to my server ? From the Emlid Reach rs2 ?

Unless there is something different about your system most NTRIP solutions function the same way and you should be able to get the same corrections stream. I believe the latest firmwares allow for legacy messages as well now.

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It should work very similar or the same as any other brand feeding a caster. It is just a mater of telling it what rate to send along with the caster IP/port etc.

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Hi @jonny,

Yes, it’s possible. All you need is to fill in the caster’s IP address or domain name, port, password, and mount point.

But maybe you still would like to try our Caster that Michael shared? It’s free and allows connecting up to 5 bases and ten rovers.

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