Reach RS2 to Mala GPR (mirasoft) with Serial to USB adapter

Hi All,
Has anyone had any problems connecting their Reach RS2 to Mirasoft? I cannot establish a connection. I wonder if it is my cable: I do not have a serial port on my computer so I am using a USB-to-serial adapter to connect the serial from the RS2 to my computer.

All the best and thanks in advance,

Hi Jason,

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As far as I know, Mala GPR may require NMEA position input with the GP talker ID. If so, you can set this talker ID in the ReachView 3 Position streaming tab.

Reach RS2 should transmit its position fine via the RS232 port. However, we haven’t tested Reach integration with Mala GPR, so I can hardly comment if using the adapter in your setup may cause any difficulties. Hopefully, some of our experienced users can help you with the integration.

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