Reach RS2 serial number

Where can I find it?

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You get the IMEI on the plastic wrapper of the user manual/booklet and also via ReachView.

I guess IMEI is the closest to a serial number that you’ll get.

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you would think it would be located physically on the device??? Serial number along with IMEI and mac address?

I’ll give you a hint:

The serial number is physically readable on the device (just not human-readable).


Can it be viewed via ReachView? Or SSH?

I’ve already tried to scan that QR-code. It just gives me strange string of numbers and letters.

No; and yes. But that wasn’t what I was hinting at…

Does it perhaps match the strange string of numbers and letters on the metallic sticker on the back of your retail box? :thinking:


Yes it does

You should change your nickname to riddler :wink:


QR-code under you SIM card slot is your serial number :slight_smile:

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That QC-code gives me the same number that is on metallic sticker in the back of my retail box. Is that the serial number?

Oops, I’ve meant SIM card cover, not SIM card slot. Sorry.

Actually, you’ve already found it


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