Reach RS2 RTK with two RS2

Hey everyone is there a way to use two Reach RS2 when setting up RTK with a DJI drone? or with buying two overkill?

Why do you think you need to receivers? As a base and a rover for ground control points?

I have seen videos where they talk about using two rs for more precise measurements. But I wasn’t sure if that’s is due to one holding a known position and then linking for averaged fixed position?

I think they are referring to the use of 2 bases for PPK or post processed kinematic. I have said in a previous post that I was getting different position results when I post processed in kinematic mode because most of the resulting points returned a 2 (float) status in rtklib. In the past I would use 2 bases against a rover when doing bathymetry work. I did not use RTK mode because there were large metal ships around the harbor which would cause havoc on radio signals. This was before I knew of NTRIP services. Since I often have clear skies, in PPK, I would get fix status after post processing the data. The 2nd base was used as backup for cases where the rover point would not fix from 1 base. Unfortunately if the rover have weak sat signals then the 2 bases would be rendered useless too for that particular point.

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Hi Joseph,

If you’re going to do aerial mapping, 2 Reach RS2 can be used for placing Ground Control Points (GCPs) in RTK.

You can learn more about GCPs use in this blog article. We also have a guide in our docs covering the process of GCPs placement with 2 Reach RS2 devices.


Thank you so much

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