Reach RS2 / RS2+ as a base station for drone mapping with Autel Enterprise drones

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to set up your Reach RS2 / RS2+ as a base for the Autel Enterprise drone based on our user’s experience. Dave Pitman @dpitman, the owner of Olympic Aerial Solutions, US, has tested Reach RS2 with the Autel EVO II Enterprise and enjoyed a simple connection workflow. Let’s explore how you can connect Reach RS2 with a drone, and see how Dave uses Reach for aerial mapping projects.

Connecting Reach RS2 / RS2+ with Autel Enterprise drones

Reach RS2 and Reach RS2+ receivers can be used as an RTK base station for the Autel EVO II Enterprise and Autel EVO II RTK Series. Connect Reach with the UAV choosing one of two options in the ReachView 3 app. If you have internet access, it’s easy to use Emlid NTRIP Caster. In the areas with no Internet coverage, use the Local NTRIP option.

For more information, check out the detailed guide to connecting Reach RS2 with the Autel EVO II Enterprise in our Docs.

In PPK mode, you can record raw GNSS logs on your Reach base and Autel drone. You can then process them using Emlid Studio to improve the positions if some photos are taken in the FLOAT or SINGLE solution.

Reach RS2 with Autel EVO II Enterprise in action

Our user Dave Pitman prefers RTK workflow when surveying with Reach RS2 and the EVO II Enterprise. To place ground points for control and checkpoints he uses Reach as a rover connected to a corrections network (NTRIP). Then Dave usually sets up Reach RS2 as a base over the point with known coordinates and transmits RTK corrections to the drone using Emlid NTRIP Caster or Local NTRIP.

“In some cases, I use the NTRIP service to supply RTK corrections directly to the EVO II Enterprise. The advantage to using a point on site and Reach RS2 for NTRIP corrections is that the baseline is very small.”
Dave Pitman, USA

Site monitoring for topographic changes and infrastructure placement, performed with Reach RS2 and Autel EVO II Enterprise, Silverdale, Washington, USA

Your choice of surveying drone

Our users and Emlid support team have tested Reach RS2 as a base station for DJI and Autel drones. We are quite curious, what types of RTK-capable drones do you prefer? Feel free to vote and find out the results of the poll :wink:

  • Autel EVO II Enterprise
  • Autel EVO II RTK Series
  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK
  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • Parrot Anafi
  • SenseFly eBee
  • WingtraOne PPK VTOL
  • Yuneec H520
  • Ardupilot-powered drone
  • Another

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Many thanks to our user Dave Pitman @dpitman for sharing his experience and helping us prepare the guide to Autel EVO II Enterprise and Reach RS2/RS2+ integration.


Way to go Dave! Same gear here on 3 miles of roadway yesterday. Four separate setups uploaded as one mission.


Good write up. The setup for the M300 with emlid caster is pretty much the same. Haven’t tried using local NTRIP.

The setup is really pretty much the same. Just in case, here is our guide to connecting Reach with a DJI drone using the Local NTRIP option.

What version of DJI Phantom 4 RTK Support this local NTRIP?

It was tested to work with the SDK-version. And make sure the version supports Wi-Fi, because, as I know, not all DJI models support it.

Also make sure your P4TRK SDK firmware is .607 or later. My new P4RTK would not connect until I updated the F.W.
DJI release notes for the firmware version allude to this.

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