Reach RS2 radio Wattage/power?

anyone has the specification of reach RS2 Radio…

LoRa radio: 868/915 MHz operation, ultra-high sensitivity, new antenna

LoRa radio in Reach RS2 features ultra-high sensitivity while keeping compatibility with earlier Reach receivers. Known for its long-range performance (some of our users tested it up to 20km), LoRa is used to connect the rover to the base when Internet-delivered corrections are not available. We have also upgraded the LoRa antenna—it is rugged and precisely tuned specifically for Reach RS2. I believe its 0.1 watts

Is this available somewhere ? I haven’t seen the new antenna.

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ok, i thought rs2 radio has greater wattage than emlid lora radio. its appears they have the same wattage.

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Thanks Dave, I misunderstood your post. I haven’t tried the LoRa yet with my M2’s or RS2. I thought maybe there was a better antenna. I use my units via RTN.

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Hi @jzeph89,

Both Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 have the same radio modem power up to 100 mW. However, Reach RS2 has larger frequency range (862–1020 MHz carrier) than Reach RS+ (863-928 MHz carrier).

Also, you can check Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 specifications.


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