Reach RS2 - Post-processed stop-and go survey, is it available nowadays?

Greetings, I´d like to know whether RS2 can record raw data while surveying control points.

If not, is there a workaround?




Yes it can.


Hi @Josico, welcome to Emlid Community forum!

Here is a post in the Emlid documentation talking about collecting raw data. There you will find valuable information about the workflow with your Emlid receiver.

Best regards,
Pedro Augusto.

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Thank you

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Thank you, very useful the link

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Hi @Josico,

Yes, Reach RS2 supports recording raw data logs during the survey. Pedro shared the right link.

If something isn’t clear enough in our guides, please let me know. I’ll be glad to help you.


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Hi guys,

A couple of updates here. Now you can work in Stop & Go mode with Emlid Studio. To get coordinates of separate points after post-processing, you’ll need raw data logs from both base and rover and CSV file with points from ReachView 3.

More details of the workflow you can find in this guide from Emlid Studio docs.