Reach RS2 not receiving Base corrections with Manual Coordinates

I’ve been using Reach RS2 for close to a year now. Currently on the latest firmware, and today, for the very first time, I was not receiving corrections when configuring the Base coordinates Manually on a known point. This has never happened to me before, and I’ve done it countless times.

If I configure it to get coordinates through the usual average Single method set to whatever time, be it 6 seconds, 5 minutes or 15, it starts working and I get Fix solution on my rovers. I tried with 2 different Bases, NTRIP and LoRa, and I have the same issue.

What could it be? I’ve used manual coordinates countless times before, and today it prevented me from working.

Hi Rod,

Thanks for your question!

By any chance, have you checked whether the coordinates from the average SINGLE differ much from the ones you manually entered?

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I originally obtained the coordinates with the average SINGLE method. When I get them again with average SINGLE method, if I do just a minute they differ a lot, particularly the elevation, up to 40m. If I do 15 minutes they just differ a couple meters.

In any case, this should not be happening. I have always used manual coordinates without issue.

Hi Rod,

From what I see now, the issue could happen because something went wrong during the setup.

It may be a small typo in the coordinates. I remember a couple of cases when one missing minus or changed digit made the calculated baseline too long for the receiver. It prevented the rover from receiving the corrections. Here I can suggest using the average SINGLE mode each time you set the base.

In another case, if you use the old averaged coordinates to set the base, please make sure you place the base at the same point on the ground. It’s also important to take into account the antenna’s height.

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