Reach RS2+ not getting FIX status

Hi all,

I’m testing a new surveying setup before a field campaign next week and can’t get our receivers to achieve a FIX status. We have two Reach RS2+ units as base and rover. Leaving them in my backyard (clear sky, very open space), they have been stuck on “SINGLE” solution for over an hour. GPS accuracy is obviously quite low, and both units say that they’re placed at negative elevation (though by different amounts even though they’re ~2 m away from each other).

Both units are on firmware version 31.8 and Emlid Flow version 10.5.
Does anyone have suggestions to solve this? Thanks in advance!

Hello there.

There is a little setup required to set up a base/rover, or outside NTRIP service, in order to obtain corrections with the RS2+. It sounds like you may have not gone through the steps on each unit to achieve this?

Can you explain how you have set up your units to receive corrections?

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Have you set the base position within the base unit setup? The base needs to be configured in flow either through a logging session or using a fixed station within a flow project. It will not output corrections unless it has that setup. Then its a case of checking the output formats, LoRa / through the NTRIP (Emlid Caster). For caster make sure the units are on a wifi with internet or have sims with data. Might sound stupid but I’m talking from my own dumbness.

Have a look at the knowledge page for this, the how to’s are pretty clear to follow.

Setup Base location: Single (select float or fixed if the base is itself getting corrections)
Let it run for however long you want. For a test, it doesn’t really matter, but in anger you want a good length of time or have a previous logging session to get a PPP position in the field.

From project. If you have a known point in the backyard for instance then input values using manual setup. Or select point from a flow project.

Once set, configure the output. LoRa here and take a note of the settings as the rover needs the same.


Set corrections inputs.
If you are using a mount point NTRIP then make sure the details match the base or follow emlid caster work guides. They are again pretty clear to follow.

For LoRa, make sure the radio is setup with the same values as the base.

Wait for the corrections to come through. It may take a few moments, but it should work fine.

Hopefully that helps, and hasn’t gone over old ground that you have tried and still isn’t working.



Hi Dave and Scott – really appreciate the replies. I could have sworn I had things set up properly but eventually figured out that that was not the case. Things are working properly now but I couldn’t remove the post since it was pending review. Appreciate the walkthroughs though, hopefully they help someone else!


Glad you got it working Scott! We all started somewhere so it’s good that this comes back around every once in a while.

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