Reach RS2 - new buy Hawaii state

Hi all:

I am currently located in Hawaii and interested in purchasing the RS2 - possibly 2 combo because from what I understand there are no free NTRIP connections available on Oahu and I would have to get 2 to set one up as a base station.
I went through 2 other threads that gave me some confidence that this works in Hawaii - other than that since this is a new product and everyone around me uses Trimble R2, I am just curious on what I need to be prepared for before ordering this unit.

I went through the setup instructions ( and it did not seem bad.

Any help / support is appreciated. I am just worried that I get this approved from my company and if it doesnt function the way I want (i.e. get ~1cm accuracy) I will be in trouble.


Just as an FYI… if the base unit does not have anything to connect to, i.e., NTRIP, you will only be able to get absolute accuracy (1 to 5cm on X,Y,Z) via OPUS which would require the need to let the base sit for multiple hours prior to, processing it the next day and then you would be able to get absolute accuracy out to the rover unit.

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But couldn’t you set the BASE on a known point manually… then cm accuracy base to rover via LoRa?

Maybe think about the additional cost of someone watching over the base so it doesn’t get stolen. The convenience of 1 rover over NTRIP even if pay only? And also if you get out of line of sight range of LoRa?

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Don’t forget that you could also set up your own base and cast it. All you would have to do is find a known point somewhere and then establish a new one wherever you want to permanently set it up. Or like Seth said define a point using OPUS. If the primary use is on Oahu itself it looks like its furthest distance from tip to tip is about 60 km so it may be feasible to have a permanent setup.


All you have to do Is PPP a base location on the top of every volcano, the height will give your Lora radio maximum range. :blush:

But I am sure somewhere, there is a survey marker hiding in plain sight as a starting point.


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