Reach rs2 loses bluetooth connection

Rtk fixed with no corrections.


Hello svetlana.nikolenko, any results?

Hi @SAM88,

I’m working on it and I’ll get back to you soon!

Hi @SAM88,

I configured the system according to your setup. However, my Bluetooth connection with SurvCE is stable.

So, please, let’s clarify your settings one more time:

  1. Position output to your Getac via Bluetooth

  2. NTRIP connection in the SurvCE app

  3. Correction input from your Getac via Bluetooth

Did I miss something?

Hy, I tryed with another getac and the results are the same. Bluetooth disconnects and i Have to wait 5-10 minutes to Connect again. Please send me your settings to verify mine. Can you recommend me another software?

I have been using RS2 with GETAC PS236 bluetooth every day for almost a year and everything works well. But I never made updates.

Hello I have getac 336. I made all the updates. I do not know what is the real problem, the bluetooth from getac, or from the emlid rs 2.

Hi Sam,

I’ve configured the Reach RS2 and SurvCE exactly according to this guide.

You mentioned that you have the Lefebure NTRIP client app. May I ask you to connect it to the Reach, leave it to work for 20 minutes, and check if there are any messages about a lost connection?

Hello, with leferbure ntrip it connects and has a solid fix. Maybe the problem is with the compatibility with windows 6.5 from the getac. In the guide shows how it connects with SURVPC, WITH SURVCE it is a bit different.

in my list it didin t showed generic. I found what i mistaken. I had windows mobile selected at bluetooth settings, it paired well but it was instable.

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in my getac ps236 it must not be associated with bluetooth but with a com port.

Hi Sam,

Glad to hear you sorted it out! Please let me know if I could be of further help.

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