Reach RS2 LEMO to RS232 (DB9) pin-out for Geophex GEM 2 AUX/GPS connection

I need to RS-232 pin configuration for the RS2. I am trying to use the RS2 as the Reference GPS for the Gem 2 made by Geophex.

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Hi @dpexp ,

You can find the Reach RS2’s bottom connector pinout on this page.

I guess the guide about the position output in our docs may be helpful for you as it describes the configuration options for Reach RS2 GNSS data output.

Please find some recommendations for setting up position output according to the requirements of your device:

  • The Device is UART. Corresponds to RS232 port on Reach RS2 extension connector
  • Baud rate is 4800 or 9600
  • Format is NMEA
  • Talker ID is GP
  • GGA message output rate is 1 Hz
  • Other NMEA messages can be disabled

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