Reach RS2+ iPhone Position for Tractor Guidance

Hi There,

I am wondering if it is possible to use the position data from the Reach RS2+ to overwrite the internal iPhone position for use with an app for A-B line guidance? (Similar to an Ez-Guide 250)

I have read other users posts on integrating the reach into auto-steer units but I’m not looking to go that far at the moment.

I have a Reach RS2+ unit, which I use via my iPhone hotspot and Emlid Flow app to connect to AUSCORS and get RTK positions.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

I refuse to use :rainbow: :poop: Apple products, so not sure if they support this, but sounds like they don’t.

If you have a Android device laying around or buy one for cheap, use Lefebure and/or GNSS Master app from Google PlayStore.

Hi @wrjohansen,

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The workflow you described can be achieved only on Android devices on RS2+. Here’s our guide on getting a mock location using the Lefebure application. As Tim mentioned, some of our users also successfully use GNSS Master on Android devices.

Ok, Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I will work on using an android device.