Reach rs2 hotspot with SIM card & data sharing (ntrip corrections) losing connections ALL the time

hello community

I’m trying to setup a reach rs2 for a friend and I’m failing miserably.
The rs2 has a sim card for corrections download which is working.
The latest firmware is installed (I even flashed the unit again to be sure),
also the latest reachview3 is being used.

I can connect to the units hotspot, corrections are being downloaded and I get a fix.
But the wifi connection to the unit drops after a few minutes and even though I can
sometimes reconnect the wifi, I’m not able at all to reconnect within reachview.
the unit is simply not visible anymore. the only thing I can do is restart the unit and begin again. also, the connection within the webbrowser doesn’t work anymore either.
it seems to be there is a problem with maybe IP allocation maybe internal vs. WIFI), but I’m not sure. I have the impression that without internet sharing, the connection holds.

I also had some wifi connection drops with my reach rs+, but never this bad.
Like this the unit is absolutely not useable. The only thing I could do is use a seperate
hotspot, which is kind of not the point.

Is there anything I can do to solve these issues? I’m really at a loss here…

Hi @baugestalt,

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Who is the provider of your SIM card? Have you tested if the issue persists with other SIM cards? Please generate the full system report from your Reach RS2 and send it to me via

Hi Julia

Thanks for your reply. The sim card is provided by the Swiss provider Sunrise.
As said, mobile data is generally working, I’ll prepare and send you the full system report over the weekend. I hope this can be resolved. My friend is working in construction,
and having mobile data within the device is so much more practical than using a seperate hotspot…

Hi guys,

I wanted to leave a quick note here. We received the full system report from @baugestalt, and now we continue investigating this case via email. I’ll keep this thread updated on our findings.

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