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I’m thinking about purchasing an RS2 with the marxact NTRIP service - I’m based in UK and wondering if the beta version of the app is working correctly? Or can you use MapitGIS or similar with the unit?

I’m new to the world of RTK and looking for better accuracy (ideally 1-5cm vertical) and wondering if this will be achievable?


RS2 precision

Static H: 4 mm+0.5 ppm V: 8mm+1 ppm
PPK H: 5 mm+0.5 ppm V: 10 mm+1 ppm
RTK H: 7 mm+1 ppm V: 14 mm+1 ppm

well in your range

Thanks for that. Can you help me with the abbreviations and when you will achieve those? I know RTK but not sure what the others mean. We only use Juniper Geodes currently and i’m a bit lost with all the options.


Those are achieved when the rover has a fixed position.
RTK is real time corrections ,so connected to another base station or ntrip station
PPK is post processing the data you have collected with PP software that gets a fixed position somewhere ,

Thanks. Are you using the RS2 in the UK? There was some question of whether the app worked to uk grid reference. Any recommendations of NTRIP clients? Marxact seemed a good price @ Eur 750. Cheers

In Canada
You can also use FieldGenius for android . Very good program
Info on how to connect

Hi Dave,

Is it a price for 1 year subscription?

Hi Dmitriy, yes for 1 year rolling.

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Hi there,

I’m here to tell you that we now have the ReachView 3 app. It’s free and supports UK coordinate system and geoid, and many others coordinate systems and vertical datums for different countries.

Check it out, and if you have any feature requests or question, don’t hesitate to open new topics!