Reach RS2 heats up

Hi! I noticed two cases when my rs2 heats up:

  1. During charging, a 5/8 "thread heats in the place marked in the photo (the temperature shown in the reachview is then over 44 degrees). The charger is also very hot (I use the original Xiaomi 5V 2A charger)

  1. Today I turned off rs2 and put it in the original case. After three hours, I took it out to charge it. Then it was hot in the marked place (place of holes in the casing). The heat was strongly felt. The temperature at reachview was over 30 degrees. This is strange because the device was turned off all the time.


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This is as designed. The RS2 is designed to use the brass mount as a heat-sink. On the product page here: it says,

“The metal mount works as a heatsink, transferring heat away from the electronic components and ensuring stable operation in a hot climate.”

The charger becoming hot is also to expected, as the RS2 is capable of using all the energy coming out of a 2A charger.

This is physics in effect. If you insulate a warm object, it will stay hot for a lot longer, as it cannot get rid of the heat as fast as in air. 30 degress is however quite normal after operations.


In this case, emlid did not have time to warm up (he was in a cold car all the time - the temperature was about 10 degrees in car). I started it for 10 minutes, turn off and then put it in the case for 3 hours.
I will try to monitor this case - if I have more experience I will write conclusions.

I observed one more thing - I can’t fully charge the rs2. The firmware version is 2.23.3.
RS2 is charged in 99% and the last LED is flashing - it never lights up permanently.

You show the charge voltage is over 2A which is beyond spec thus the voltage is down to 3.58V instead of near 5V and the heat… Not sure how much I trust it…

I have mentioned a few times that typical 5V2A chargers are not ideal… It is better to get a 5V3A or multi-voltage charge block.

I changed the charger and it’s okay. On the Xiaomi charger, the problem with A occurred at the end of charging - earlier the current was 2.2A and the voltage was about 5V. A little strange that the problem occurred at the end of charging. Can rs2 be charged with voltage higher than 5v?

Reach RS2 only accepts 5V at the USB port. Higher voltages up to 40 Volts DC can be brought in via the 9-pin connector and optional unterminated cable (CBL101 or CBL108).

This one is interesting observation. Let us know if you notice anything similar again.

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