Reach RS2 goes back to WiFi mode after I turn it off

This is a huge problem because to get if back to Hot Spot mode I need to first connect to the WiFi network it was last connected to and then set it to Hot Spot, but every time I turn it off and on again it’s back to WiFi.

I need it to work on the field this week and I’m not gonna be able to connect to it. What can I do to solve this problem?

Nevermind, I figured you have to “forget” past networks. Quite inconvenient if you ask me.

Hi Rod,

This Reach behavior was designed on purpose so that you don’t need to enter your Wi-Fi credentials every time you connect to the device.

When Reach starts, it tries to connect to saved networks first. If it doesn’t find them, it goes to hotspot mode. So, it shouldn’t be an issue in the field since your saved network is out of range there.

Still, thanks for sharing your point of view!

Exactly, no inconvenience at all unless you are within range of your wifi.

I understand, is just I was doing a survey exactly where I live and it was constantly picking up my home’s WiFi and disconnecting me from the Rover so I freaked out.

Thanks for the confirmation.

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