Reach RS2 firmware 29.2 - Test 2 FAIL

Good day all.
I was using my pair of Reach RS2 receivers on Monday, Sept 12, 2022 both were running firmware 29.1.
I acquired the coordinates for the Base using NTRIP caster (Bluetooth)- everything running fine so far- then tried to set up the Rover to receive corrections via LoRa. I was not able to set up the receiver with RV3 . Instead I got a message showing Test 2 failed. I was able to complete the set up with Reachview 2. (good thing I never deleted it) I was able to complete the survey.
Today I was able to update firmware on both receivers (to 29.2) but still getting a test 2 error on the same receiver.
What is Test 2?
How can I overcome this?
Any suggestions?

See screengrabs from PC browser

Hi Adrian,

Please press Generate full report button and send us the Full system report via It’s better to proceed investigation there since a sensitive data may be required for that.

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