Reach RS2+ Default Wifi Mode


I understand that this is a feature but wondering if it is one that I can disable, by the default when the base is turned on if it can’t find a known wifi it will go to AP mode and open a network for me to connect to which make sense to 99% of users so they don’t get locked out, but can I change it so if it won’t connect to a network go to off mode instead of AP mode? my usage is over ethernet and the wifi AP just spam the 2.4Ghz band.

Is it possible?

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Hello @guyz,

you can disable both Wi-Fi and hotspot option in Emlid Flow. Go to Wi-Fi, scroll down, and click the “Turn off” option. Wi-Fi and hotspot option will stay disabled till the next reboot.

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Any option to persist the next boot? i don’t need wifi only use usb ethernet, I understand that it may brick the unit if usb goes bad…


You’re right – such a setup could cause difficulties, so Wi-Fi always restores after a unit’s reboot. It’s needed to easily connect to the receiver, access the Reach Panel functionality, including logs downloading, and receive firmware updates if there’s Internet access.

Is there any API I can you to shut it down from another software?

I also need sometimes to change the NTRIP corrections settings is there any API that can change those?

There are currently no plans to support API access. To change settings and shut Reach down, you’ll need the Emlid Flow app.

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