Reach RS2 Datum

I am a new user of the RS2. I’m having trouble figuring out what default Datums (both horizontal and vertical) are used by the RS2. I can find nothing in ReachView that addresses this. I’ve used the Trimble Geo 7 for several years. I just logged a bunch of points with both the Geo7 and the RS2. I did PPK with both datasets using the same CORS station data. Horizontal coordinates are off by about a meter and vertical is off by about 16.5 m. The Geo7 is using WGS84 and I assume that the RS2 is using the same so I can’t figure out why the difference. The vertical issue looks like a vertical datum issue. The Geo7 is set to log vertical data as height above ellipsoid.

Any suggestions?

Are you sure that the Geo7 is set to log above ellipsoid?
What Base Coordinates did you use for PPK?

It must be an Input error somewhere, as the z-axis error is too great for even uncorrected GNSS error margins.

Hi David,

At the moment, Reach RS2 supports WGS84 Latitude/Longitude and WGS84 ellipsoid height.

What software do you use for PPK? Do you use the same base coordinates for Geo7 and Reach RS2?

OK, I now realize that the Trimble is set to log height above geoid, not height above ellipsoid so this explains the ~16.5 m difference.

I do hope that Reachview will soon add the ability to use geoid height rather than ellipsoid height.

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