Reach RS2 continuous use

I am thinking of upgrading my Reach M+ fixed base station, for ag autosteer applications, with one of these…

  1. Could I leave it plugged in 24/7 with the USB C or would I get corrosion?
    Is there a IP67 way to power it?

  2. Is the case UV resistant?

Yeah I probably wouldn’t do it without some additional environmental protection - like a Trimble type antenna dome over the unit.

USB-C is an internal computer/laptop connector in all honesty. It is not really an external grade or sealed connector in the way that Deutsch and even TNC or N-type connectors (often used on external permanent GNSS antennas) are and I reckon you could get moisture ingress issues over time with the unit exposed 24/7 in all temperature and weather fluctuations and extremes. There’s also a galvanic effect with power connectors to consider.

Here in the good old UK anything made of plastic eventually goes a nice mouldy green given a few years of exposure to the elements. I’m happy for my GNSS antennas on permanent bases to do that, but reckon your asking for trouble putting a “naked” all-in-one (campaign) receiver out there like that with no further protection.


Hi @Skegpro,

​The IP67 protection range is applied to Reach RS2 components, including USB, bottom extension ports and housing. So there should be no issues with continuous use.

However, for your use case, I’d recommend charging Reach RS2 via an external bottom connector, as it should be more resistant for mecanical vibrations. You may need the following cable in this case.

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