Reach RS2 can't connect to a data SIM card


I have a Reach RS2 and it can’t connect to a data SIM card (only with internet service). And when he can establish the connection, it says that he don’t have internet.
When I use a regular phone SIM card, it works perfectly. Even from other operators.
The APN is well set for these SIM cards.
It’s possible that Reach RS2 don’t accept data SIM cards?
Any opinion about this?


I have used a data only Sim from Telus ,worked awesome

Have you tried the sim card in anything else?

I have had SIM cards that weirdly do not register on the network in one device but will in another on their first use. Then when you swap them back there is no issue.

Also new SIM cards do not always work I have had to bring a few back to the telecom to get re entered or replaced.

Triple check your APN’s, I know Telus here in Canada uses 4 separate ones for different purposes.
2 for static ip’s, one for data devices, and one for smartphones.

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Yes I tried in other two equipments and its working fine.
The Sim card provider only has one APN.

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What network generations does your provider support? If it doesn’t broadcast 3G, it will never work, which is a shame really. Phone hotspot will always work though.

Thanks. I think that it can broadcast 2G/3G/4G…

RS2 sim card installation

Just take a look at this video to see if you might have missed something.

@polina.buriak, it might be a future consideration to display the sim card number in reach view so that we know positively that the reach has successfully read the card.

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Hi @geodetect,

Could you please provide me with the details about the SIM card:

  • Does the SIM card support GSM?
  • Do I understand correctly that the SIM card is not M2M?
  • Please share a screenshot of the ReachView 3 Mobile data tab

Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Thanks for the request! It’s noted.

It looks like this field may exist already on the mobile data page where it says " sim" no sim inserted.

So if he can see his sim number there, and the apn is right its a telecom issue or bad sim.


If a SIM card is read correctly, you will see signal strength and the 3G icon:

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 12.59.32

Yes but if the telecom messes up the card you wont get bars. And you wont know if its the card or the socket.

So if the reach can display the card number you then know its seated correctly, but the card is not setup correctly.

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