Reach rs2 blue led correcctions output on

Good morning, for some time to my reach RS2, the blue RTK led has lit up indicating the correction output activated, which alternates every 3 seconds with the white RTK led that indicates the correction input, the case is that the option output of corrections is disabled, because I don’t use it … what could be due, I have also noticed connectivity problems in conditions where it did not happen to me before … could it be related? …

Thank you.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the report! We have already found the cause of the issue. We’ll fix it in future releases of the firmware. I’ll inform you once it’s fixed.

Could you please describe this behavior in more detail? Do you connect to Reach over its hotspot or Wi-Fi network? This info might help me to figure out what went wrong.

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Hi Liudmila, the connection problems were solved by reinstalling the firmware.


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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for letting me know!

Glad to hear it works fine now.