Reach RS2+ base and Hiper VR rover via LORA?

I am running a RS2+ (V30.1) and an RX for my drone topo surveys. I was trying to come up with a solution for a LORA connection to my Topcon Hiper VRs in the event I ended up somewhere with no internet. Without a caster, the RX isn’t nearly as useful for shooting GCPs. Has anyone had any luck connecting the two without using a caster? I’m still learning everyday and I love figuring things out, but this one has me stumped. The Hiper VRs state they have a frequency range of 902.2-927.8mhz, but am unsure of what to set the RS2+ to. I realize I also need to ask a Topcon crowd and will do so shortly. Thank you for reading this.

The RX is a network only device so it will not work with lora. The lora radios on the Emlid units are not compatible with other manufactures so they will only work with themselves . You could try getting a external radio to work with your setup as this has been done here on the forum.

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