Reach RS2 as base, Reach M+ as rover

I have an autonomous robotcar using GPS for navigation. I am currently using RS+ as base station, and use M+ as rover on the robocar. I found it was very hard to get a “Fix” status. In most cases I only got “Float” status, it is very rare I could get “Fix” status. And it took a long time to get the status. So I am thinking upgrade to better receiver, such as RS2 and M2, but I do not have the budget to upgrade both. Can I just update RS+ to RS2 or just update M+ to M2?


If you only upgrade one to L2 does not matter which side, you will still only be using L1. You will not see any difference.

Both must be L2, to get the benefit of L2.

Your old L1 antennas will not work with an L2 system as well.

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Agree with @PotatoFarmer.
I would also advice you to check if there is noise in your setup. Usually a L1 with a short baseline and decent amount of open sky, should yield a FIX solution.
Do you have raw log from base and rover you can share?

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As PotatoFarmer said, you are only as strong as your weakest link.


Hi @AutoCar,

The guys correctly said that if only one of the receivers is multi-band, it will not give an advantage.

First of all, I’d suggest checking the environmental conditions for both the base and rover. You should ensure that your single-band receivers have a clear sky view with no obstacles such as trees or buildings.

One more thing. If you transmit corrections via LoRa, there should be a line of sight between your base and rover.

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