Reach RS2+ as a base for PosPac

Hello all. Can’t seem to find a clear answer. When using the Reach RS2+ as a base for a UAV mission. In PosPac I would like to set the Frame, Ellipsoid, and Epoch for the Reach RS2+.

By default is this Wgs84 (ITRF00) with an Epoch of 01/01/2010?

If anyone can answer this that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Chris,

If you average base coordinates in Single, the coordinates are in the WGS84 version used by GNSS systems. The current reference frame is G2139 from January 3, 2021. This frame is aligned with the IGb14 realization of ITRF2014.

You can find more info on the NGS website.

For the Average Float or Fix setup methods, the coordinate system depends on the base one. And for the Manual method, it depends on the system of known coordinates.

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Thanks for answering. This helps a ton!

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You’re welcome, Chris!

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