Reach rs2 and topcon magnet field

hello again after a while.
Looking for another GPS unit and thinking of Reach rs2
any update regarding the fixed issue with magnet field?
in my previus Reach rs (the first model) i was not able to store fixed points.
Only once i managed but unfortunatelly didnt record the procedure :frowning:

Hi Tasos,

Welcome back :slight_smile:

As for now, the MAGNET Field software can only operate with Topcon and Sokkia hardware starting with 5.1 version. So the only way to use it with Reach receivers is to work with previous versions that support NMEA input.

Currently, you can use our ReachView 3 app to record points in the desired coordinate system. The systems supported for each country are listed in our doc. After the survey, it’s possible to export the points as the project in CSV format. The short video on how to export the data from the ReachView 3 is on our YouTube channel.

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