Reach RS2 and Panasonic FZ M1 bluetooth problem

I’m trying to use Reach RS2 on a Panasonic Toughpad FZ M1 with Windows 10. I’m trying SurvPC 6.06, Fieldgenius 10. And the connection keeps crashing. This is definitely a bluetooth driver problem on the Panasonic Toughpad FZ M1. Has somebody solved it yet?
If I connected Reach RS2 to on HP Probook Notebook with Windows 10, with SurvPC 6 , Fieldgenius 10 applications. Bluetooth connection without any problems. It runs well.
If I use Reach RS2 on a Getac P236 handheld with Windows Mobile 6, with SurvCE 6, or Fieldgenius 10 apps, it’s no problem.

Did you setup Bluetooth pairing in Windows as well or just in the survey apps? I am not familiar with SurvPC, but I needed that connection with FG. What is the full version name for FG 10?

I first paired in Windows 10. I see Reach among the paired bluetooth devices in Windows. And then I try connected to SurvPC or Micorsurvey FieldGenius (this version: MicroSurvey FieldGenius But the connection was not stable, the connection dropped and “Reach” also disappeared between paired bluetooth devices in Windows. I am disappointed because Panasonic FZ M1 is a good tablet for surveyors for use in the field (big manufacturers like Leica - Leica Icon cc80, Trimble, they use it).

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