Reach RS2 and FG for Android

I correct

Is there a english version?

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10 PRINT “Is there a english version?”
20 GOTO 10

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lol :rofl: I’m afraid it’s an infinite loop !

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I spoke to Michael Bachinski from MicroSurvey the other week about this.

Turns out the ‘infinite‘ Bluetooth disconnect issue when using FGA (at least on Samsung tablets) and connecting to a Reach RS2 are known to MicroSurvey. They are working to resolve it.


To expensive!

If anyone here hasn’t seen my other posts, FG for Android v1.2, which will be released very soon, has the connection fixed for the Emlid RS2 units, and we have been able to get them working with both RTK and NTRIP connections. Local Transformations will also be included in the release and more…


Now that’s what I’m excited about! ; )

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It’s been a while, but I have been running FG for Android for a month now and it provides all the normal functions that the Windows CE version did. It is much faster and does include localization now!


Are there any Android phones that provides serial cable (com port) functionality as well (or usb)?

I haven’t had the need for serial and don’t know if there is any kind of an adapter that Android would accept, but on my Pixel 3 XL I use a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

USB-C to USB-A Adapter

Just curious, what do you use the serial for? A more stable connection to a receiver?

Backup, mostly.
I have had Bluetooth hang up on me, and couldn’t make it work again onsite. Had to return another day after a complete reset of the device (Win Mobile device). After that I bought cables for all my devices.

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