Reach RS2 and EZTag CE integration?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever managed to get a Reach RS2 integrated with a software called EZTag CE?

According to the software specs, it does support Bluetooth for external GNSS connection and positioning data input, so it should be technically possible. Just seeking a confirmation from community members if we have real use case examples of that integration, before I spend more time and energy on that.

Thank you very much!

Hi Fernando,

Technically, it should be possible. You first pair your Windows device with Reach, then, you need to specify position input via BT in the app.

Maybe @Effigis_OnPOZ will have further input on this.

Hi Fernando,

EZTag software is a data collection software for Windows Mobile and Windows.
If you have an Android device, have a look at our new app OnPOZ Collect for Android

Regarding EZTag, as Dmitriy mentioned, first you need to pair your RS2 with your device. A bluetooth com port will be created, note the port number.

In EZTag, selected Files, Preferences, GNSS Setting page.

  • GNSS Driver : use NMEA
  • Port(s): make sure to check the BT com port you created

Thank you very much guys!

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